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Dear Alexis,

Thank you for helping me with Mathematics, you have assisted me tremendously, I went from failing and getting 40s to getting 60s, it might not be a distinction but it is progress showing that I can get good grades in Mathematics.

Thank you for helping me believe in myself when I thought there wasn't hope and thank you for encouraging me to do better as well as teaching me in a way that I could understand.

Thank you for coming to teach me on the weekends, when nobody would want to waste their weekend afternoons working. Thank you so much I do not know how to thank you enough.

Thanks a million.



Alexis has been tutoring myself (Grade 10 and 11) and my sister (Grade 6 and 7) from November 2019. She has helped us with Mathematics mainly, but has been able to assist us with all of our subjects if we needed the help.


Since working with Alexis our marks have improved and our mindset has become more positive.  Alexis is able to explain work to us in different ways so that we are able to understand.


At times she would prepare us for upcoming content so that we were prepared for that lesson at school.  Alexis also taught us study methods which suited our way of learning.


We would highly recommend Alexis to anyone who needs a patient, intelligent and motivating tutor to improve school marks.

Mikayla & Dominique

Embossed Paper

Alexis Crause was a dedicated, understanding, and kind teacher that helped me through my final term of grade 11.


Due to unplanned circumstances, I had to transition from mainstream school to an online school. New content was assigned to me due to the change in schools and I was deeply concerned if I could complete a new set-work book, Shakespeare play as well as the years poems. I was doubtful of my abilities to complete all the work however, Alexis managed to restore confidence in myself by constantly providing me with notes and lessons that helped me understand the content relatively quickly and efficiently.


My classes took place on an online platform and were private due to my unusual circumstances. I thoroughly enjoyed Alexis as my teacher as I am now more conscious of the importance of this subject, as well as the enjoyment that can come along with it.

My marks have improved substantially since my time with Alexis, achieving a distinction in my first term of matric.



I have known Alexis for almost three months, but with her approachable, patient, helpful and caring nature, it feels like I have known her for years.



Alexis has really helped me see that I have a lot of potential and she has been supportive through my academic journey. She has also shown me that the best way to receive positive results is to tackle my work with a positive attitude.


I am truly grateful for my friend recommending her to me and without question, I would also recommend her to anyone else who is struggling academically. She is always willing to lend a helping hand


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As a Bible teacher that teaches from the King James Bible I have found the need to brush up on my understanding of the English language. 

Many of my contemporaries have a desire to learn Hebrew or Greek. Well, Sir Lancelot Andrews and the other 46 K.J. B. translators did their job. I've found no need to learn Hebrew or Greek, but rather to refresh my knowledge and gain a better understanding of my mother tongue, English. 

This is where Alexis and The Learning Co. have come in. Alexis' attitude towards teaching older folk in my experience is one that is very welcoming indeed. 

Alexis is a teacher that will be a great help to any student who needs a fresh perspective when approaching English and to a student willing to be helped. 

High 5!

Karl (42)
from Norway