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Surviving Matric

Matric is not easy, I’m sure you have realized this by now! But it does not have to be an absolute nightmare. Here are a few tips on how to survive your final school year. 1. Class time is valuable. School can be a blast, and I know from experience that when in a classroom surrounded by friends, it is sometimes difficult to take your teacher seriously. However, if you thoroughly take notes, listen and complete all classwork; you have already completed half of your studying.

2. Understanding > Remembering Surely it would be easier to do trigonometry if we understood where the concept came from in the first place? If we do not have this understanding, then sin, cos and tan are just strange words that somehow relate to triangles, who can relate? Focus on what things mean rather than just remembering it all. 3. Believe in yourself We are all capable of anything. If you put enough effort in, you WILL reap the rewards. Set your goals, set your mind to them and do not lose focus; at the end of the day your final matric exams can determine a lot about your future, so make the most of them. 4. We all study differently There are so many ways to study: lists, diagrams, mind maps, talking and so many more. We might use different methods for different subjects, or we might not have found the right method yet. Here’s a link to a quiz to help you find the method best suited to you:

5. It’s okay to feel flustered Matric is stressful, and that is okay! What is not okay, is not coping with the stress. Count to ten, breathe in and out, take a break, do what you need to do to just relax. Unfortunately, we cannot make the situation go away, but we can learn to cope with it in a beneficial way. Good luck to the class of 2021, you are so capable, so trust in yourself and work hard. Remember, the last thing to grow on a fruit tree is the fruit itself. - Alexis Crause

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